Friday, February 28, 2014

Something about this being my first post, cardboard and other obsessions

So, this is my first post. Welcome to the world that is my mind and the things it creates, likes, loves and everything in between.

I started this blog because; I have really been into fancy cardboard again, as of late.

All thanks to none other than Alex over at:, Matthew over at: and last but certainly not least, Greg at: .

These 3 have been my cardboard obsession resurrection-ists.

With little time and me not knowing what "should" be my first post. I wanted to post a few of my favorite cards from my collection of some 18 years ago.

Leave any comments and or suggestions. I feel as though I am just treading water in this inaugural post.

Andy Van Slyke, what can I say? One of my favorites. You can imagine how I reacted when I found out his son was playing and for the Dodgers none-the-less.

The Baseball heroes are a set of 9, I need 7 more to complete this. These have been my very favorite since I first opened these, YEARS ago. Funny thing, I am not even a big Babe fan. Something has always just caught my eye with these cards.

Want to get this one signed. Bulldog was my grandpa's favorite.

Cal is one of the Goats and always loved him and this card.

This blog won't be all cardboard. My other obsessions including Beer, Wine, Spirits, Video games, Memes, of course the Dodgers, Red Wings, Chargers, Bama, USC and general nerd/geek stuff. Stay tuned, stay warm and have some damn fun!

I will put up more of my favorites from decades past later tonight and or tomorrow. I have more to say but need to close, so, bye for now.

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  1. Welcome to the crazy blog world. Remember to have fun and its your blog. Run it your way. Look forward to more posts