Monday, March 10, 2014

Something about this being my first post, cardboard and other obsessions Part Deux (ish)

Ok. I seriously intended to be more up on this but just haven't found the time. 70+ hours a week makes little free time for anything and being a husband and father of 3, doesn't make it any easier! None the less, here is part 2.

I got Alex's ( ) generous package in the mail for my what seems measly 4 or 5 cards. I was super pumped on this! I never saw to many cards like these ( in '96 ) cardboard has really stepped it's game up.

Here is just some of what he sent:

I know everyone seems to hate Becks, but I love this card and have always been a big fan of his, so this one is really special to me, because now he is a Dodger, for good or worse.

Ah, Carl Crawford, loved this guy since he broke into the majors. This Bowman is epic. Much thanks for this gem.

These futures cards are sexy. I have a LOT, but HAD zero Dodger ones.

This was my second favorite. No idea why I love Paco so much, but this one is a beaut!

The only card I actually asked Alex for. I have tons of Yasiel Cards, but none had an RC or Rookie tag, this one I want to get signed and cased. If Yasiel flames out, he will still be the Modesi of the 2000's for me, huge fan.

This guy reminds me of Mark "The Bird" Fidrych (at little less eccentric), which is one of my all time favs.

Lastly, he sent me what seems to be the entire CC 2014 Topps Dodgers collection. So, all in all, this made my weekend. Thanks Alex!

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