Monday, March 10, 2014

Babe Ruth Baseball Heroes Complete set (Upper Deck '95)

Wow, almost 20 years in the making. In 1995 I was 12 years old and all I wanted for my birthday was LOTS of cardboard. My parents bought me 1 or 2 boxes of Upper Deck '95. I went to town, got a lot of my Dodger favs, had tons of trade bait and then I stumbled upon the "Babe Ruth Baseball Heroes" numbered 73 - 81. I had 75 and 81.

I don't exactly know why I liked these so much. I heard the stories about him, read up on him and I was definitely a Babe Ruth fan (if for no other reason than 'Sandlot'). In any case, Babe to me wasn't Karros, Mondesi, Piazza, Green, Nomo, Orel, Fernando, Pedro, Gagne (at the time, don't like him much now), Ripken, Van Slyke, Clark or any of my then baseball heroes. I was however drawn to them. I even put them in hard plastic cases and refused collections of cards for the 2, yes, that is right the 2 that I had. Something was different about them

Life got crazy and I moved around a lot, some good and bad things happened and I was no longer into baseball or any other form of cardboard. I packed up my cards and didn't open them for quite sometime.

I grew up and each time I moved I'd find them and reminisce. Smile here and a laugh there, but still didn't care.

Now, forward to Dec. 2013. I made a new twitter account, followed some eccentric and professional baseball writers, Found some dudes who were into what I had been into, what was almost 20 years ago and I felt like a kid again. I started buying cards, collecting, trading with some local friends and then, I stumbled on the darn Babe Ruth cards I had again.

I had lost hope though, I mean 20 year old cards, who is going to hold onto those? Alex ( ) and Greg ( ) are always tweeting their "gots" on buying cards on ebay.

I hadn't used ebay since the early 2000's (I used to buy and sell with the best of them) so, I started on the journey of finding these numbers 73-74 and 76-80.

Fast forward March 10th 2014. I received the final 2 pieces to my collection ( #79 is lacking my ideal condition, so if you have this card and want to trade, I'd be much obliged.)

I present to you, my first EVER completed collection of cards. The 1995 Upper Deck Babe Ruth Baseball Heroes #73-81.

Not really sure why I am posting the back, but here it is!

The entire collection in one pic and than each individual card

The cards are plastic within plastic (each card in a plastic sleeve inside of a card guard 9 card page), so if they look scratched or off, this is why.

I'll tell ya, I haven't been this excited in a while. What a great day!

Two posts in one day? I am on a roll!

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  1. Great post. Those are some awesome shots of the Bambino.