Thursday, March 27, 2014

The one with the video games...

My affinity for all things nerd is widely known. I was quoted by Gabe Connor of the famous Goodie Two Sleeves as; "The most socially un-awkward nerd, I have ever had the pleasure of knowing." That being said. I have picked up a couple of awesome NES games. Here are the few I have received so far.

First up, one of my all time favorites. The Legend of Zelda (Gold edition)

Second and ironically the second in the aforementioned series Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link (Gold edition)

Both have completely different styles and completely different game-play. Yet both are classic and hold true to The Legend of Zelda, VERY appropriately.

Next up is the first installment of TMNT on NES brought to us by Ultra!

This one is a bit more dinged up. I believe from the looks of it, this one was a rental. But it plays just like I remember it when I was a kid. Very interesting genre. An action RPG, meets side scroller. None the less, it is a joy to own and play!

As I get more titles in the mail, I will post and if you have any NES games you do want, I am willing to trade cards or other stuff for them, just let me know!

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  1. Three amazing games. I especially spent a lot of time playing TMNT... one of my personal favorites for the NES console.