Thursday, March 13, 2014

Corrections and retractions...

One of my posts the other day had a "complete set" of Babe Ruth Baseball Heroes (Upper Deck '95). I am not usually wrong, but man, was I ever. The set is listed "73-81", there is however an un-numbered card. This card completes my set and it may be the best one yet!

I am really stoked on this. I bought this on ebay and I must have not been paying attention, because I don't remember doing so. REALLY excited for the actual complete set.

I also picked up this guy for a few cents. Part of my Mark "The Bird" Fidrych personal set. Love some of these old cards and it may be just me, but who is John Denny?

Ok, so, I promise if I am wrong, I will correct it. I will not go one pretending I know better, if I really don't!

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